What Should Be Included in a Remodeling Contract?

When you hire a custom home remodeler to help you upgrade your space in Northern Illinois, part of that process includes signing a residential contractor contract containing pertinent project details... [read more]

Best Features to Add in a Kitchen Remodel

When you remodel your kitchen, you get a fresh start and an opportunity to add in all the features and accessories you’ve found yourself longing for during your time in your current home. Everyone’s... [read more]

Kitchen Design Ideas for Your Sycamore Home

A big part of a home kitchen makeover is doing maintenance and fixing up anything that’s outdated or in disrepair. On top of that, remodeling is an opportunity to figure out what new, modern... [read more]

Do I Need an Architect for My Sycamore Remodel?

When you think of remodeling your home in Northern Illinois, there are no doubt a few primary players who come to mind, including the general contractor, various tradespeople, and the construction... [read more]

How Long Does It Take to Remodel a Kitchen in Sycamore?

The kitchen is often described as the heart of the home. For many families in Northern Illinois, it has multiple uses, from food preparation and dining to homework headquarters and socialization... [read more]

Is a Whole-Home Remodel Right For You?

Are you thinking about having a whole-home remodel done in your Kane County home? If you are having a hard time deciding, we can help. Asking yourself five defining questions will help you determine... [read more]

Celebrating 45 Years

Ken Spears Construction began as a small remodeling business in 1975. Fast-forward 45 years and Ken Spears Construction is now stronger than ever.  “45 years in business has taught us so much. Our... [read more]

5 Spaces to Renovate for the Highest Possible Home Resale Value

Are you thinking about renovating your home to increase its resale value? If so, there are five spaces in your home you can renovate that will make your home more appealing to buyers and allow you to... [read more]

Designing an Incredible Kitchen Island

For many homeowners, their enjoyment of their kitchen comes down to a single feature: the kitchen island. Islands add extra storage, food prep space, and dining space to any kitchen. They're... [read more]

Creating the Ultimate Basement in Your Kane County Home

Have you been wanting to finish the basement in your home? You have more than enough unused space down there to create a much-needed office, guest bedroom, additional bathroom, and more. If you want... [read more]

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