Communicating Your Unique Style to Your Geneva Contractor

“I can see it in my mind . . . and it’s beautiful!” That’s an experience many homeowners have when they envision how their home remodeling project will look when it’s completed. Unfortunately, sharing that vision with someone else can be a bit of a challenge. But it’s especially important to make sure your remodeling contractor knows what you want before work begins on your DeKalb-area home.

Here are some tips that can help you when communicating your unique style to your contractor.


A Picture Isn’t Perfect, But It Really Helps

We’ve all heard that a picture is worth a thousand words. That’s really true when it comes to helping your contractor understand how you want your kitchen remodel or bathroom remodel to look. So, look around at remodeling websites such as, This Old House, or HGTV Remodels.

Create a collection of images that highlight the kind of things you want to do. Then go through those with your remodeler and tell him or her how you’d like to modify those things to match your vision. You can even glance through the galleries of our work (kitchens, bathrooms, room addition, and more) for projects we’ve completed recently and glean ideas.


Describe the Elements That Are Most Important to You

It’s natural to think about how things look when you’re trying to communicate your style. But there’s much more to style than just appearance. How something functions is every bit as important. Make sure you communicate how you want things to work. That means being clear about how your remodeled room will be used. Will your kitchen be a gourmet-style kitchen that’s designed primarily for cooking? Or will your new kitchen be more of a gathering place where you’ll entertain friends? Will you eat there as well?

The same thing holds true when you’re thinking about creating a new master bathroom. Fixtures and finishes are important for the way the room looks, but you’ll want to think about functionality as well. Are you trying to create a spa-like feeling? Or are you thinking about changes in your bathroom that will help you age in place?


Educate Yourself on What You Want

Trying to communicate what you want can be hard if you can’t describe it. However, there are resources that can help you learn about your personal style and provide pointers about how to work with your designer. Our Designing the Ideal Kitchen eBook is a great example of that and can be really helpful.


Choose a Contractor Who Will Listen

Selecting the right remodeler is extremely important in order to get the results you want. And one of the most important characteristics to look for when choosing your contractor is one who actually listens to what you want and works with you to create a plan that will deliver the right results.

That’s one of the big benefits in choosing a design-build remodeler to work on your home. The design-build process provides you with a single point of contact for your project from creating design concepts all the way to the finished project. Your comments and concerns don’t get “lost in translation” when the craftsmen start working on your home. They are all part of the same team.

You don’t have to settle for, “I can see it in my mind.” If you want a remodeled home that reflects your unique sense of style, gather the information you need and then find a contractor who will really listen to what you want.

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